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People who matter are most aware that everyone else does too...
--Malcolm Forbes, Jr. (1919-1990)

The International Aeronauts League gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their assistance in establishing and sustaining this organization through generous donations of their time and expertise.

Heath Dieckert Tim Flight Victor Sachs Nathan Bannister
Round Rock, Texas Carrabassett Valley, Maine Round Rock, Texas Santa Fe, Texas
Leo Schulz Isaac Itenberg Tisa Jackson Christine Kalakuka
Cedar Park, Texas Austin, Texas Round Rock, Texas Oakland, California
Brent Stockwell Gary Rominger Jim Fromm Sam Blackburn
Oakland, California Sacramento, California Ackworth, Iowa Preston, Minnesota
Richard Craparo David Wesner Matthew Torgerson Dr. Eduardo ArŠoz
Mt. Vernon, New York Albuquerque, New Mexico Meridian, Mississippi Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dwayne Pekar Eric Moore Tim Hampton Robert Waligunda
Round Rock, Texas Nottinghamshire, England Columbus, Ohio Pennington, New Jersey

  Dan Rocco Lisa Giguere  
  Stamford, Connecticut Round Rock, Texas  

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